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How IMC will install your Water Cooler

Step 1

Once you have determined where you would like your Water Cooler located, then we get to work! It is as simple as installing a coffee machine or icemaker. Our trained Technicians insure a quick, efficient, and professional installation.

Step 2

First we locate the nearest water source.

From there we run a 1/4 inch water line from the water source to the cooler.

Step 3

Each installation is a little different. Depending on the cooler location, the water line is either run along the baseboard or through the walls and ceiling to the water cooler.

Step 4

Finally we make the connection to your water cooler so you can enjoy clean, refreshing quality water!

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What Customers Say

  • "The installation went beautifully! We just love the cooler, how it looks and how cold and delicious the water is and I especially love working with a woman owned company!"

    Urologic Surgeons of Northern Virginia
  • "Ever since we had our new water cooler installed, we have been raving about it to everyone and now our affiliate would like to have one installed. I look forward to working with you again!"

    Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia
  • "Fantastic Service, Fantastic Install, Thank you!"

    Maryland Division of Labor and Industry
  • "Many thanks for making life here a whole lot easier. There have been overwhelming positive reactions to the new cooler, and personally, I am loving that! The install went very well, and I appreciate your responding so quickly to accommodate our need."

  • "I have received very positive feedback from staff reference the dispenser in the staff lounge. They really enjoy making a cup of tea or making a bowl of oatmeal, without having to heat the water."

    Alexandria Sherriff’s Department
  • "Never a problem referring IMC! This is the easy part of my job, we all love good service that saves the company time, money and space. You have a product that is good for the company. Yes, (us) property managers can be a little difficult from a cold call. It always helps to have that lead in, which will ease the block. So I will call the ones that I have the greatest influence and tell them the good news. FYI - I have never called so many Property Managers and referred any company to them that I do business with, so this makes there ears go up. I never put my name on anyone - you are the first!"

    Daniel's Run Apartment Homes